Different experiences 
for different adventurers

What kind of adventurer are you?

Day Hike 35$

The most famous hike. At 10:00am or 13:00pm you can do the hike 

On the way back, you will be able to eat typical food with our family and learn how these powerful community live from their natural environment.

Sunset  35$

Sunset Hike (4:30pm) 
You will walk in the evening before the sunset and have dinner under the starry sky and drinking a delicious organic coffee in front of a bonfire. 

Sunrise 35$

Sunrise Hike (6:30am)
You will walk early in the morning before the sunrise with the sounds of the wild nature and we will arrive to have breakfast and drinking a delicious organic coffee in front of a bonfire. 

Sleep under the stars

The best of the Sunset or Sunrise Hike in one Experience sleeping in a tent under the stars in a safe and private land. 

All the night to enjoy the starry sky!

Full Moon 

Once a month we can feel the power of the moon. An special night full of energy and light. 


Children Experience

For Children groups we have special hike and excursions to know everything about the environment.

The perfect first experience with the mountain 

The experience is more enjoyable by foot. However, if you prefer, we also have the option to do it by horse. Don't forget to let us know which option fits you better! 
"To reach the secluded site, you’ll ride horseback through pristine tropical landscapes as your guide points out lizards, flowering paradise trees, and lightning-quick hummingbirds.
Muffled by dense foliage, El Limón likes to make an entrance: As you reach the crest of yet another hill, it suddenly appears, as if the forest pulled back the curtains on a theater. After picking your own way down rocky steps and through a creek, reward yourself with a dip in the swimming hole beneath the falls."

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Special Experience 

If you want to do a special experience in EL Limon Waterfall, with your couple or you family, just tell us and we will make it possible. 

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