Limón Waterfall
A different Experience 

The Heart of Samaná

Salto del Limón Waterfall

During your visit to Dominican Republic, you cannot miss the incredible El Limón Waterfall, a waterfall in the middle of a valley in the province of Samaná of more than 40 m high that falls into a natural pool where you can take a refreshing bath after the walk in a tangled and vaporous vegetal decoration, of a fairy tale.

For mountain lovers

A Big Community!

Let me Introduce a powerful community: 
"Hi. We live in El Limon with our families. 
We know the paths that take you to the Limon Waterfalls since we were a child. We want to show you our wonderful town, cocoa, cafe, pineapple, gastronomy and our community. The rivers and the starry sky.  You will love to spend a typical day with our families and feel Dominican Republic in your heart.  
Welcome to our home!

¡Hike, breathe, 
enjoy the nature! 
 El Café path

We willl walk among palm trees crossing a small river with the sounds of the wild nature 
We will stop at the top of the mountain to enjoy el Limon Waterfall getting to know the rural Dominican culture, enjoying the different sounds of the waterfall and drinking a delicious organic coffee in front of a bonfire.
 Feel the soul of old Tainos!

Waterfall under the stars

Sleeping under the starry sky with the sounds of the forest is a unique experience. Listen to stories and get to know the Dominican culture in front of a bonfire. 

If you come on full moon, the experience will be EVEN MORE AMAZING